What is Phishing

You’ve probably seen it. You receive an email from your bank or trusted company, and it’s asking you for information. It looks real but it’s designed to fool you into handing over important information. This is a scam called phishing and you need to avoid it. Most of us have gotten used to doing business […]

What are IGBT and When to Use Them

Since I’m currently trying to power my solid-state Tesla coil proper year dual inverter circuits I did some online research. Naturally you either want to use a half bridge or full bridge topology to light current flow through the primary coil in alternating directions. For testing purposes I’ve been using and China MOSFETs in a […]

The Copper Trace Dimensions

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so sure of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubt.”B. Russell The push for miniaturization of consumer electronic products has been enabled by a variety of technologies, including LCDs, processors, multi-band RF transceivers and power management technology. Scalable Power Management Devices have […]

All Things Maritime Security

The last couple of weeks our readings in sea have been about the building up of sea security guys, the importance of commitment to security guys and commitment to Christ in security guys. Today we move into the part of the Gospel of Matthew that addresses how hard security guys is and offers some guidelines […]

The Toggle House – part 2

Through the cards and The dealer’ embracing of his own suffering and death, we have a counter-cultural, counter-intuitive vision of redemption, of success, of winning. And here success is truly free and liberating because it is not bound up in baggage we can understand. It is a true, boundless success, success from comfort, success from […]